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This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this:

Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickies to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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  1. A den of drug abusers Photograph: Courtesy of www.

    Senior Programme Officer of a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Seek for
    Widespread Floor, based mostly in Jos, Alhaji Sani Suleman, has stated that the abuse of medicine
    and different substance is negatively affecting the
    social life of the youth, which has a devastating impact on the fragile peace that’s being loved in Jos North Council of the state.

    Suleman frowned on the harmful numerous group rivalries among the
    many youths, that are impacting negatively on the neighborhood, declaring that if not nipped
    within the bud and is allowed to proceed, Muslims and Christians won’t take pleasure in their Sallah and Christmas as
    they hitherto used to do.

    He spoke at a someday group city corridor assembly for residents of Jos North titled Plateau Will Come up (PWA) Section II, which got here beneath the auspices of Group Peace Partnership (CPP) and Safety Structure Dialogue (CSAD).

    In line with him, “the side that considerations me most is that, if we enable this harmful development to proceed, as we method Sallah celebration and after Sallah, we will probably be approaching Christmas, then it is going to be an ingredient that may cause us to not take pleasure in these festivities as now we have wished to take pleasure in them.”

    Suleman stated, “building peace and guaranteeing that it’s sustained is just like the work of a gardener. For those who simply until the bottom and you set the plant and also you simply return to your room and sleep, you don’t make sure that the grass is eliminated, you don’t be certain that the place fertiliser is required, you set fertiliser, the place water is required, you place some water, the place you’ve gotten to look at in order that some animals or folks don’t come and destroy it, then your yield, your crops, your backyard won’t be good as a result of both they won’t develop as a result of there isn’t a sufficient water or they may die as a result of there is no such thing as a fertilizer otherwise you left them unattended to and animals or anyone went there and destroyed them.

    “So, that’s how peace is. We need to work tirelessly simply because the gardener will work to make sure that the backyard is secure, it blossoms and it productive.
    And the way in which we do it’s that some one should
    convey the water, somebody should carry the fertilizer, somebody should deliver the cutlass to take away the grass and somebody should
    keep there to look at over the plants and at the tip of the day, we now have a very good harvest.

    That’s how peace is maintained in each group world wide.”And to do this, definitely the safety personnel can not do it alone. Our conventional leaders, group leaders, ward leaders can not do it alone, our youth whether or not within the title of neighborhood partnership can’t do it alone. So, we need to work collectively.”

    He unreservedly condemned mob motion and youth gangsterism in Jos North as they’re affecting the neighborhood and portraying it in a foul
    mild, urging leaders to place their heads collectively for peaceful co – existence and be certain that
    the youth turn out to be accountable residents sooner
    or later and cut back threats to peace and safety.

    The Nationwide Drug Regulation Enforcement Company (NDLEA), Nationwide Orientation Company (NOA), Particular Activity Power Operation Protected Haven (OPSH), the Police, Civil
    Defence, Directorate of State Safety (DSS), Conventional and Neighborhood Leaders, Religious Leaders have been all in attendance.

    The Exhibit Officer of NDLEA, Daniel Etu, argued that if the difficulty of drug abuse is tackled head on, greater than half of Nigeria’s issues would have been solved, including that no arm of the safety can do it alone however by collaboration, all the pieces will
    drastically scale back.

    He confused that the drug peddlers are dwelling inside the neighborhood
    however are being shielded by individuals who refuse to volunteer credible details about them
    that may result in their arrest.

    “In as a lot as they keep the id of the informant secret, refusal to report back to the NDLEA will sooner or later have an effect on these who’ve details about druggists and fail to report them as they’ll sooner or later be victims of their inaction,”
    he said.

    Etu debunked the allegation that NDLEA is aiding criminality particularly when a suspected drug addict was
    arrested solely to be seen on the road strolling as a free particular
    person, saying that once they arrest suspects, they perform preliminary investigation which seems
    to be insignificant, including that they’re launched after counselling in their very own approach.

    On her half, the NOA Assistant Director and Treasurer in Jos North, Mrs.
    Rachael Hoga, condemned the spate of lawlessness locally,
    declaring that the residents don’t obey the regulation. “The folks don’t obey and respect the legislation. When there is no such thing as a respect for the regulation, then there might be anarchy.

    “One neighborhood ought to be free to go to a different neighborhood.
    A girl ought to have freedom to go to bush markets
    for enterprise. However sadly, what we hear are instances of maltreatment and rape.”

    Hoga urged the group leaders to face up and speak to the youth, tasking the police, the judiciary, OPSH, NDLEA to rise to the occasion to curb the menace of drug abuse in society. She posited that each neighborhood ought to take a stand by attempting to arrest the culprits themselves as an alternative of reporting them to the police or different safety businesses.

    The consultant of OPSH, Yohana Intelligent, lamented that regardless of their efforts and counselling, drug addiction retains rising locally. He stated there may be a brand new ideology referred to as Sarazuka among the many youth in Jos North that could be very deadly which has claimed lives in Jos North and past.

    He bemoaned lack of social rehabilitation centres in Nigeria which he stated are widespread within the superior nations of the world, including that there was no day that handed that OPSH wouldn’t be known as upon to go and take away a useless human physique in Jos North.

    Intelligent suggested the elders to have a direct interface with the youth in order that they are often counselled, saying that the safety personnel are there to handle critical safety points. He reasoned that it’s the duty of the mother and father to know the buddies their kids transfer with.

    The consultant of DSS, Mohammed Kabiru, DSP Ahmed Isa Mansur, DSP Maxwell Adamu, Paul Azi, Alhaji Shehu Suleman all contributed to the dialogue arguing that police shouldn’t launch any youth arrested for drug abuse however needs to be punished for his or her sins in order that they’ll change.

    They mentioned that the blame must be heaped on the dad and mom who don’t discuss to their kids, including that they don’t care about them. All of them argued that youngsters are their representatives on earth who must be properly moulded in character.

    DSP Mansur disclosed that they all the time arrested the police, troopers and different regulation enforcement businesses throughout a few of their raids on the conceal – outs of criminals.Mansur believed that disaster shall be over, the day the restive youth deliver out their hidden weapons, collect them and smash them. “You are preserving the Quran and the Bible aspect by
    facet with harmful weapons. Are you worshipping two

  2. What Business enterprise Lessons Can We Find out from Linda Ikeji’s Weblog Being
    Deleted? A single of the most significant blogs in Nigeria is by a lady named Linda
    Ikeji, and her namesake internet site is in the prime
    ten,000 in the world. It has a substantial and committed following and it was on Blogspot.

    It turns out that Linda Ikeji wasn’t operating a tight operation that
    the revenue she was creating deserved. It seems she played herself
    because she had taken no methods to safeguard what she created and the cards came tumbling down. The web-site African Music Law wrote
    about it. The far more information that I uncover out about how
    the blog was run, the far more obvious it is that Linda wasn’t undertaking company the appropriate way.

    And there are so many lessons to take away from all of this.
    We shouldn’t repeat the mistakes she did so below are
    some ideas we all need to understand from this. When you spend for a
    web page, it is a type of ownership. What this comes with
    is a lot more control and far more rights. With all the things, ownership is of utmost importance.

    This is why Intellectual Home law is so important.
    Our ideas are fantastic but the person who can say they personal a thing has the worth.
    Blogspot is owned by Google and it is their no cost blogging platform.

    It is great for the reason that it’s genuinely easy to use and it’s tied to your Gmail account so
    there are no further logins. It is not so great due
    to the fact it does not look so specialist.


    Nov 2016 two Technologies

    Controversies5.1 Controversial posts

    LICENSE TO USE Web page

    That logo is a total shame

    You Create a Powerful Network

    English (United States)

    Sep 2016 Guardian Lady

    But mostly, it’s simply because users are tied to Google’s Terms
    of Solutions (the long issue we all agree to that none of us read).
    So when you sign up for a weblog on Blogspot,
    you’re agreeing to what ever Google desires you to. You
    are at their mercy and they do not owe you due course of action if they determine you have done a thing to
    violate their TOS. They can snatch it back at their will. So when Google deleted Linda’s blog, she didn’t have significantly recourse or any leg to stand
    on. This is why I say Blogspot is very good for Starting bloggers.

    But do not sit there for 7 years just because you don’t wanna spend hosting costs (which for Linda, would possibly be
    a couple grand a month but she was producing additional than enough to cover that).

    As a paying consumer, you get a lot more rights. Your host can not delete you without warning or
    for any explanation. Spend. FOR. YOUR. Website. Your surreal estate is precious.
    Making use of no cost weblog spaces is like planting meals on land
    you do not own. I have already written an complete blogpost on why you need
    to invest in your custom domain (URL) but it is worth repeating.

    Linda Ikeji’s blog address was
    For the reason that other persons (yes several) had bought them prior to she had.
    In truth, the .NG version was just snapped up last month by
    an individual. This is utter carelessness since it does not get significantly far more
    fundamental Internet site 101 than to have a URL that is branded to you.
    Like every little thing else in the world, revenue talks and people have
    developed careers and their personal wealth from obtaining
    and selling useful URLs. Purchase. YOUR. NAME.
    and your kids’ too whilst you are at it.
    Beyond domains and hosting, any and all firms require to have
    owners who are willing to put up cash to make them run smoothly.
    Linda Ikeji was capable to create wealth in her company (excellent for her) but she did it with really
    tiny overhead charges, it appears like.

    And that might actually be much more costly to her in the
    extended run. Money saved right now when you’re being too affordable can cause multiples of that cash to have to have to be spent in the future.

    It is like if you get a car or truck that you do not get serviced and you skip oil alterations.
    Nicely the engine may possibly go out and that car or truck could
    run down and quit way prior to it is supposed to since it wasn’t correctly maintained.
    Identical for your organization. It is like obtaining wellness
    insurance so you will not have to pay so substantially out of pocket if
    you ever will need surgery. If you are pulling in millions a year, hire a webmaster who can sustain your web page.

    Hire somebody to handle your ads. Get a lawyer on retainer to make sure that you’re legally covered.
    Make certain you have an accountant so your income
    is straight. FIRE Oneself and hire experts to do their job so you can concentrate on creating confident
    your small business/weblog is putting out
    excellent content. Linda has apparently been plagued with allegations of plagiarism for
    years. YEARS. I don’t read her blog so I do not know how substantially content
    material she lifted from other web-sites but according to Uduak’s law blog, she’s been sued various times.
    And ultimately, it is this specific allegation, coming from a @MrAyeDee that got her blog pulled.

    Linda’s response was in a post where she really admitted to stealing content material but her defense is that Bossip, Every day
    Mail and other internet sites plagiarize also.
    Ma’am, that is not how you deal with this. Where IS OLIVIA POPE?

    You can not go to court and inform the judge that the crime you committed wasn’t as
    bad simply because every person else was undertaking it.
    If she had a lawyer or even a PR particular person, she would have been advised to make a far better statement.
    Also, just simply because she is not the only blog that plagiarizes does not imply that it is
    okay. What is crucial to learn is that stealing from others’ function is a
    massive legal liability to you.

    Taking an individual else’s function and intellectual house
    is a challenge that can expense you what you’ve built (as you
    see here) and actual cash (not to mention that it’s ethically incorrect).

    If sued and she loses, Linda could possibly have to cough up hundred
    of thousands of dollars. Also, it turns out that she hadn’t incorporated as a business entity, which implies her
    individual assets (her own funds) could also be lost in a single
    judgment. That brings me to the next point. In addition, plagiarizing reeks of your personal inability to be original.
    And that brings quite small respect. Just before Google
    erased Linda’s blog, she really should have performed a backup so
    she had all her posts in an XML format, which she can upload

    Without a backup, you drop years and countless hours of work.
    Did she do it? Not confident but we can only hope.
    I’ve been blogging for 11 years. If I lost all my posts
    due to the fact of a hacker or a takedown, I’d most likely
    quit and grow to be a farmer. That is also a great deal stuff to have to recreate.
    Linda is not the only individual plagiarizing and this does not make what she did remotely ok.
    Mainly because mo’ cash, mo’ troubles, and much more achievement, additional detractors.
    It seems that seeing her boast about her car added fuel to the fire that some of her archnemeses had been stoking
    already. She has all the ideal to brag if she desires
    but when your house is made of tin foil, you may possibly want to be more

    Having said that, Google did not shut Linda Ikeji
    down because she purchased a automobile. These are not grounds for
    deletion. So although she has detractors, she has also mishandled her company.
    I take no pleasure in seeing her function getting erased due to the fact,
    honestly there are as well handful of Black ladies who can say they’re pulling
    in that much money from their internet properties. Nevertheless, it appears she may possibly have constructed her site and following
    by means of copying and pasting other peoples’ and if
    that’s the case it’s a shame. 1 of her greatest errors is that she didn’t have ownership of her net property.

    She didn’t have ownership of her web-site,
    nor of her name. I do hope she rebuilds and I hope she learns specific lessons
    from this. The primary lesson is that she wants to do better and deal with her enterprise smarter (and
    stealing is Wrong). There was too considerably hustling backwards at play right here.
    Linda Ikeji and her fans have accused individuals of just hating on her
    achievement. I’m positive some folks are but it’s clear that
    her negligence as a businesswoman has led to a lot of what’s
    happening right here. She really should take accountability, humble herself
    and do greater with whatever her subsequent move is.

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